My Puppy Niece is the dog behind the blog.  It started with a previous dog, but the blog came about because of her and how she came to live with us.  Puppy Niece was here for about a six weeks, living with Auntie (me), MomMom, and The Big Guy.  Puppy Niece stayed here while her parents, Mom and Dad, packed up and moved from the West Coast back home to the East Coast.  While she was separated from her Mom and Dad I wrote daily Logs about what she did each day from her point of view.  Many of the Daily Logs were silly and about nothing serious.  When the entire family was back under one roof the desire to keep writing the Logs was still there, just not on a daily basis.  It is fun to try and see a dog’s view of the world (hence the blog’s name).  The blog now includes not only Puppy Niece but Puppy Nephew (aka Little Man) who came with his parents across the country.

I think all pet owners have tried to imagine what is going on inside their pet’s mind.  This blog is basically me putting my thoughts of what Puppy Niece and Puppy Nephew think of the world from their point of view.  I hope you enjoy reading the blog as much as I enjoy writing it.