Dog Days of Summer

The saying Dog Days of Summer means it is too hot to do anything other than lay on the couch!  This is not some False statement here in the south, in fact this is the cold hard truth for us dogs.  Just as a public service reminder – heat can kill dogs, please bring your pets inside during these hot days.  Thanks!


See Little Man and I still have to go outside to go to the bathroom and just walking outside and down off the deck and then back up and inside it a hot humid mess.  That when we get back inside we claim a couch and flop down and sleep.

Even Auntie has taken to walking inside, I decided to spend time with her while she was on the treadmill.  I laid down on another couch and tried to cool down in there.  She had a fan going so it there was a breeze.  Little Man was happy on his couch and didn’t bother to wake up when she changed rooms.


I don’t know who came up with the saying dog days of summer, but I know that here in the South it is a true statement.  Do you see my think fur?  I am not liking this triple digit heat.  Little Man is old and his heart does not like the humidity, we are firm believers in being inside dogs where we can lay by a fan and get some air-conditioned cool air too.  I love my humans, because lately they have even slipped ice into our water bowls to help us cool off.


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