Frogs = Food or Friend?

Today I went on my morning walk with just Auntie.  Tonight’s walk was with Mom, Dad, Auntie, and MomMom.  I was feeling really brave with all four of them there, so I got close and sniffed a frog.  They jump, do you know frogs jump, they jump high and they jump far.  After the first sniff and frog jumping I went in for another sniff, and it jumped again.  Why?????

After that I figured I should try and catch a frog to see if it is friend or not.  But, that got me yelled at.  Apparently, catching frogs in your mouth is frowned upon by my family.  Oh well, I tried so I don’t know if frogs are friends or food yet, but when I figure it out I’ll get back to you.


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