I eat lip balm, but only EOS

EOS lip balm 0, Puppy Niece 6+

I eat EOS lip balm…what I am girl, aren’t I supposed to like make-up?  It makes my lips smooth.

Puppy niece has gotten at least 6 of these little balls of lip balm since she discovered them. We try and keep them out of reach, but she has managed to find them.  She can open them without destroying the container (one tooth mark is all that is left) and licks the lip balm.  We were worried, but it hasn’t caused any complications (yet!), we try to keep them away from where she can reach them, but yesterday she got another one.

Other lip balms are ignored by her.  The one she got yesterday was next to a Nivea and Carmex lip balm.  She has also gotten one next to a Badger lip balm and Burts Bees lip balm.  All of these other brands are ignored and she only goes after the EOS brand.

She is a nut, so we love her and watch where we put our lip balms.


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