I sleep while you walk me

Old Man is getting disoriented, and during today’s walk he got lost right at the top of the driveway.  I picked him up to put him near the mailbox and hoped it would help him figure his way.  Instead he fell asleep in my arms and I ended up carrying him for a walk.  I figured he would wake up and want to walk after running to the front door and circling the yard for the perfect spot to pee.  I guess that much exercise tuckers the Old Man out, because he started snoring and didn’t wake up as Daisy, MomMom, and I did an entire loop in our neighborhood with him sleeping in my arms.  When MomMom told me he was sticking his tongue out I started laughing, he didn’t even budge.  Daisy barked at some squirrels and Old Man just nuzzled in.


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