Baby It Is Cold Outside

It is chilly outside, so cold out that Little Man’s whole body is shaking by the time he walks to the end of the driveway (and our driveway is not long).  Today he ran outside, pooped as soon as he got off the steps and then ran back inside.  I thought he was making too big of a deal.

I have a nice think fur coat so the Big Guy was really nice and put multiple layers on and took me for a mile walk.  He became my favorite today when he did this several times so that I could poop and sniff the entire neighborhood.  It got colder as the day went on 😦  I convinced my humans that my last night walk did not need to happen, thankfully.

When I got back inside from each walk I curled up in a little ball and tried to warm up.  Once on the bed, Auntie was nice and let me snuggle on her bed.  Another time the Big Guy was nice and let me snuggle with him on the couch and Mom let me hide under a blanket at one point.  I am not sure why the cats don’t have to go outside, but by my last walk I was jealous of them.

I might be willing to learn to poop in a cat box if it means I don’t have to stick my tush out in the cold to poop outside.  If this cold weather keeps up I may not give Auntie a strange look when she talks about getting me a fleece jacket.



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