I don’t beg at dinner time

My most impressive trick is not begging for food when my humans are at the table.  So I snuggle on my window bench and wait, because once dinner is over I make out like a bandit.  MomMom will give me veggies, Auntie Shella will give me chicken, Dad lets me lick his plate, Mom gives me whatever is left on her plate, and the Big Guy does the same (but sometimes he puts extra food on the plate so that he has something to give me).  This would seem like a lot, but I have to share with my older brother.  We are both polite while everyone is eating, and wait for our humans to stand before we start hovering in the kitchen.

Tonight my Auntie tried to catch a picture of me waiting patiently as dinner was put away in case MomMom “accidentally” dropped some veggies, but my tail kept wagging and when I saw her try and take a picture I tried to lick her and her phone.

I wish I could tell you how I learned not to beg or cry during dinner, but I really have just always been this way.  I think it is because my older brother explained early on that we get to clean plates and leftovers if we don’t beg.  Why mess with success?

It may look like I am sleeping on my window bench, but really I am just trying to do a sad puppy dog face so that I might get a special good girl goodie from Auntie.  I get those when I let her brush my teeth, but that is pretty much it.  Just because I am good at meal time doesn’t mean I don’t try and get my special Milk Bones at other times.

My older brother and I waited patiently while clean up happened and lucked out with a few veggies to chew on.  I am still trying to decide if I like carrots, I chew about half of the carrot then think I am full or it is time to see if I can get another goodie.

For the record I am slender dog and I get my butt walked off on a daily basis, even in this cold I get walked at least one mile three times a day.  Auntie says she does not have a built in fur coat like I do, so even with her bundled up she can’t stand being outside for the two to four miles we normally walk. It makes me sad, but I have been told the cold doesn’t last long in the Southeast.  I’ll hope that is true because I love my longer walks.


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