Different Voices

My humans have different voices when they pretend to talk for me, and honestly none of them are correct.

Tonight while walking my dad did what he thinks his voice for me would sound like.  Mom said it sounded like a cross between a military Drill Sargent and a valley girl.  I don’t have the mean personality to pull that off.

“We all did good night walkies, this was good.  We stayed together everyone dropped a duecey and we can sleep now.”

Mom’s voice for me was a total valley girl, just because I lived in L.A. doesn’t mean that I am a valley girl.

“This was like totally fun, we can like do the walk tomorrow.”

MomMom’s voice for me was too much of a baby, I may be 4 year old, but I grew out of the toddler voice.

“Walkies is good, we can do more, let’s go again. Why no?”

Auntie had a cross between a Southern Belle and a Valley Girl, there might be some southern girl in me, but really there is no Valley Girl.

“The walk was totally awesome, 2 miles is like nothing I can like walk double this.  The wind had some great smells, can we stay out so I can just sniff the wind?”

This me staring at them as they all did their version of my voice when we got inside from our evening walk.

My humans are odd, none of them nailed my voice but all of them know I love them and spending time with them.  If someone could explain to me why my Auntie and MomMom were talking about needing more steps for a challenge that would be great.  I want them to do more challenges, because it means my walks are longer or I get more of them when they need more steps.  I just don’t know how to get them to do more challenges.




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