Deciding which bed to sleep on

Last night I had a tough time deciding which bed to sleep on.  Mom and Dad is the normal place I sleep, but it is them, plus Little Man and me, so it can get crowded.  Auntie lets me sleep on her bed and gives me half of her bed, I decided to sleep there for a little bit – however she did not say which half of her bed, so I decided to take the diagonal middle half.


I like to use her Red Sox Pillow Pet as my pillow.she lets me as long as it stays on her bed.  I think it is her way to trick me into sleeping on her bed sometimes.  I love her and she gives me the good goodies when mom and dad aren’t looking so I will continue to let tick me into sleeping on her bed sometimes.

MomMom and the Big Guy have a nice comfy bed and they let me cuddle with them, but I really like the couch in their sitting area.  MomMom has given me a special pillow and a blanket that I have scrunched into the perfect circle for me to sleep in.  I briefly went and sniffed the bed and went on bed and sat down so that I could get some pets and love from MomMom and the Big Guy.

I finally decided the bed to spend all night is the one that I normally do, I slept with mom, dad, and Little Man.

I had three years of being one of four animals, 6 weeks of being one of one and I think I liked not having to share my Auntie, MomMom, and the Big Guy.  We had a nice routine and I didn’t have to share attention.  Now my siblings are here and so are my parents.  We are all facing a new routine and I am getting used to sharing again.  I think my silver lining is that I have all these beds and people to snuggle with to pick from each night.


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