I went hunting for Leprechauns

I don’t know what the deal with St. Patrick’s Day, but was allowed to track Leprechauns on my afternoon walk.  Since I don’t know what a Leprechaun is, I didn’t find one 😦

Auntie was great with letting me roam as far as the flexi leash and track this new smell, she said it was a Leprechaun.  I was allowed to sniff all over the grass and wooded area in the neighborhood.


But as soon as I got a few feet into the woods the smell would get faint and Auntie said I could not search further, something about she didn’t bring bug spray.

I loved searching for Leprechauns, even if I still don’t know what they are, because I got to use my Coon Hound instincts and sniff them all around the neighborhood.  From what I gathered Leprechauns smell funny, wiggled all over the place, sometimes go in circles, and hid in the spiky bushes.

After all was said and done, I didn’t find the Leprechaun (maybe next year?) but I was tired.


So tired I didn’t even make it all the way to the couch before I laid down to take a nap.


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