Product Rave – SpotClean

Little Man has had much fewer accidents in the house because of the Belly Bands (see blog post).  However, there are still some leaks and so I want to take a second and do a product rave on how great the Bissell SpotClean is.  MomMom and The Big Guy have white carpets, because the carpets went in before the thought of pets moving in happened.  So stains are easily seen.

The Bissell SpotClean has been great at not only getting rid of the leaks that happen on the carpet, but also at keeping them away.  We have used this several times and not one of the stains has come back, nor have the dogs wanted to pee in the same spot.  We have used the Pet Stain formula if the leak has dried on the carpet, and just added a little Oxi Clean powder to the water if the leak was small or if it is still wet.  Both ways have worked wonderfully at removing the stain.  One of the surprising joys is that the carpet is pretty much dry after you are done sucking the stain and cleaner out.  We originally got this for cleaning the carpet in the boat after it comes out of storage, and it has been getting extra use, and it is wonderful.  We really can’t brag about this product enough.

We also have a deep cleaner:


The joy of the deep cleaner/deep reach is that you can sit it down on the carpet, hit start, and do something else while the machine does the work of cleaning the carpet.  The floor does stay damp after this.  We had this for Auntie’s (aka mine) condo, my renter had a child who somehow melted a crayon into the carpet and this along with the Deep Cleaning Formula got the crayon out.

Both have been used and have been great at getting rid of stains.  We highly recommend either, they  both are around the same price and have amazing results at getting rid of stains.


We tried the Stomp and go cleaning pad, but had limited success.


Sometimes the pad worked, other times the stain would come back in a few days.  We are not sure why it worked on some and not as well on others.  Therefore we suggest it if you are on a budget, but keep in mind you may need to do it more than once on a stain.



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