Product Rave – Playpen Me

Little Man is a senior dog, in addition to needing Belly Bands he also has to be confined when all of the humans in the house will be gone for an extended length of time (think 2+ hours).  Normally, people think perfect use of a dog crate.  However, we didn’t like the idea of keeping Little Man in such a small area, even if he is a small dog.

Therefore, we thought of using a playpen, it has been wonderful!  We put down a Waterproof tarp and then made the playpen into a rectangle to fit behind the couch and in the hallway.  The best part is that it folds up when you don’t need it.


The other good thing is that when baby humans are added into the mix there is already a playpen for them to use.  Little Man is fine with being in the playpen as long as he has a snuggle ball (we get the ones that are machine washable in case of overflows from his belly band, which has happened), and a little bowl of water and a snack.

This has made his humans feel better, because he has more space and doesn’t seem bother by being put into a playpen compared to a crate.  It is also inexpensive when you realize that the playpen can be used when human babies enter the picture and that if you unsnap one connection you have a barrier to keep multiple pets behind a wide door if you need them out of the way (for example when moving heavy furniture in or out).


We are also considering getting a Dog Play Pen, because of the ceiling.  Little Man’s arthritis seemed to be cured one day when he was put in the playpen so that we could move heavy furniture around.  He attempted to climb, but was only able to stand and go up one or two rows from the bottom.  When we saw this, we realized that he might need a ceiling.


If anyone has experience with a doggie playpen please let us know what you think of them.  Thanks


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