Puppy Love

Mom and Auntie went to a Paint Nite event tonight to paint a picture called Puppy Love.  The each imagined that the two dogs in the painting were Little man and I.  Normally, we tolerate each other, but today was an example of how much we love each other.  MomMom and Auntie took the two of us out for a walk.

I know I walk faster than Little Man, he is old and he has short legs.  So I often stopped and looked back to make sure Little Man and Auntie were behind us and waited for them to catch up.


I love him, even if he drives me crazy, barks at nothing, can’t see well, can hardly hear, and has to wear a belly band.

So I guess what I am trying to say is that Mom and Auntie thinking that the two tiny dogs in Auntie’s painting staring at a cloud shaped heart is OK with me.


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