Spring = Shedding Time

Auntie Shella has taken to grooming us this week.  She points out that we are shedding too much, she said that meaning mostly me, but Little Man got brushed as well.

Apparently, it is frowned upon when you can run your hand down my back and lift your hand covered in my black fur.  I don’t sew what the problem is, because I am covered in the black fur, it suits me well.

Auntie Shella took me onto the deck and using this odd looking metal loop brushed me.  I got to sniff the brush first, it did not smell bad, so I let her brush me while I sniff the air.  After a few minutes, there was lots of my fur on the deck…


Auntie was attempting to keep it in a pile to throw away, but the wind kept blowing it around, and she figured all the birds in the yard might like it for nests and stopped trying to collect it.  I took this chance to go into the yard and sniff around.

Auntie told me that was fine she could finish brushing me later, and she got Little Man and started brushing him with a different brush.  His white fur is short and his winter coat only took a few minutes to be completely groomed out.


Then when Little Man was done, Auntie told him how handsome he looked and his white coat was so pretty.


He thanked her for grooming him by promptly laying down on the pollen and getting a yellow streak of pollen on his leg and spine.

We have both been leaving less fur around the house, and Auntie will probably do a Product Rave about the grooming tools she used on Little Man and I, since we have different fur types.  She was just proud of how we look now and wanted to show us off.  She loves us no matter what, but is really happy that her hand isn’t covered in fur when she pets us now.

We love her no matter what, but we enjoyed the individual time with her when she groomed us because we got tons of kisses and hugs while it happened.


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