Product Rave – Shedding Tools

Auntie groomed us the other day (see post on Spring = Shedding Time).

After having a few days to finish grooming me, she decided to do a product rave on how great the Furminator and Shedding Blade have been.

Little Man with his short hair had a great response to the Furminator brush, Auntie looked and saw a less expensive version that was pink.  Thankfully, Dad and the Big Guy told her that Little Man was a boy and to keep using the blue one.


Little Man was groomed in just a few short brushes.  You can see how the hair just clumped to the brush above.  Little Man was happy and took a nap afterwards.

I had to have the Shedding Blade, because of my longer fur.  Auntie found a version that is really inexpensive when you do it as an add-on item with Amazon.  Thankfully, the one mom had works, because after grooming I was a lot less itchy.  I have been kind of nipping at my hip and tail because of the winter coat shedding but still hanging onto my fur.  Auntie got annoyed that she could touch me and pick her hand up and it would be covered by black fur.  I let her brush me with the blade for a couple of strokes and then wanted to go and play in the yard.  Auntie was nice and let me, so she could groom Little Man.  When I came back onto the deck she did a couple more stokes with the blade.  This has been happening the last few days and she thinks I am finally almost done shedding.


The shedding blade left clumps of hair on the deck, that black spot next to me isn’t a shadow it is fur.


Auntie left the fur outside, and suggests other do so if they can, because my fur would be good for the birds to use in their nest.

Auntie has a big thumbs up and highly recommends the Furminator for shorter haired dogs and the shedding blade for medium haired dogs (apparently that is me).


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