Snapping Turtles

Today on our morning walk I met a snapping turtle.  It was HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Big Guy did not let me get too close, he said it could take my leg off.  Does he not know what dog he is talking too, I have been scared of a leaf blowing across the street why would I get close to that huge thing?  (No seriously, Puppy Niece had gotten scared at leaves that are blown across the street).

Little Man was on the other side of the sidewalk and completely clueless to this huge monster.  Auntie said it was probably for the best or he would have barked at it and may have tried to attack it, The Big Guy told her he barked and growled at the statute by the front door this morning.  I love him, but Little Man is old and his vision is not the best by any means, he gets confused easily.

I decided anything that moves should be cautiously approached and when the Big Guy decided to take a picture, I figured keeping my distance was best.  That sucker is almost as big as I am.

Auntie said I should stay away from snapping turtles, because they could hurt me.  AGAIN, does she not know who she is talking to?  I was scared of a box turtle this weekend, the Big Guy came running out of the house because my jumping made him think there was a snake attacking me.  Why do they think I am going to approach this moving, hissing, thing that is almost as big as I am?  They are crazy, I will stick with being scared of it and keeping my distance.


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