We sleep

MomMom and the Big Guy worked from home one day this week, and MomMom realized we sleep a large chunk of the day.

We start in beds, Little Man has claimed the doggie bed that I used to have, so I claim MomMom and The Big Guy’s bed, since they don’t use it during the day.  If MomMom or The Big Guy forget to put those circle roll type pillows on the bed I will actually nudge the comforter down and sleep between their pillows.
Little Man snores, so while we start in the same room at some point I wake up and can’t go back to bed from his snoring.  This means I will move to the couch in the sitting room.  Auntie left me a blanket in there curled into a C shape, because she knows I like to sleep snuggled against a pillow or blanket.  My favorite place is on the couch between the armrest and the back of the couch.


My Puppy Niece, aka the dog behind the blog

Auntie is nice and tries to give me a blanket rolled up to lay against when she can.  I’ll miss her when we leave to move to our new house.  I’ll also miss MomMom sneaking me food, and The Big Guy taking me out on walks.  Yesterday he was nice and let Little Man and I sniff extra long in places, because it had rained for almost 3 days and the smells were outstanding.


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