When you come home

I get so excited when you come home, because I love you and missed you.

Auntie came after two night time sleepies away and Little Man and I couldn’t stop fro jumping on her and giving her too many kisses to count.  Auntie promises she will always come back, but still it was a long time sine we saw her last, so we kiss attacked her.

When Mom and Dad get home from work we run to them, because they were gone all day, and that is a long time to go without hugs and kisses from them.  Sure, the Big Guy is with us all day and he gives us attention, but each of our humans give us a different type of attention.

Mom and Dad snuggle, rub our ears, and pick us up all the time.  Auntie gives us kisses and pets our shoulders.  MomMom sneaks of food and rubs our bellies, and the Big Guy is just is wonderful.  The Big Guy spends all day with us, and while he swore us to secrecy he gives us treats, works on training us, walks us, feeds us, refills our dog bowls, and lets us squeeze him onto the middle of the couch so we can both cuddle with him while we nap.

I love you because you are more than my Buddy you are family, and that is why I get excited when you come home.


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