Turtle Time

Last week I met a HUGE snapping turtle, and being the scaredy cat that I am, I stayed far away from the snapping turtle.

Today, however, I was willing to get within 3 inches of the box turtle that wandered into the yard.  The Big Guy was there to make sure I was safe.  He said he didn’t want me to attack the turtle, I don’t know what type of dog he thinks I am?  I have jumped behind him because I was scared of a leaf, a strange sound, and unknown animals that we come across while walking.

Auntie was there to help me be brave, so I sniffed the turtle.  I was BRAVE and got within 3 inches before I flinched and backed up.  The Big Guy had no reason to worry about the turtle I didn’t get close enough for it to attack me, let alone me attack it.  He said I scared the turtle, ummmm how about the turtle making me afraid.  He only found the turtle because I was barking at it from several feet away, hey don’t judge there was a stranger in my yard.  Dad said my most important job if there is an intruder is to bark, which is what I did.  Mom thinks I do that too much, a stranger is a stranger it doesn’t matter if it is the UPS guy or a strange bird in the back yard I let my humans know.

We don’t know what the turtle is doing in the yard, it doesn’t look like it is making nest or laying eggs.  If it is still in the yard tomorrow I may try and and get closer when I sniff it.

Auntie thinks I will freak out and run away if the turtle moves, I might be brave and stand my ground (unlikely, but I might).  Auntie also wants to name it Yertle the Turtle if it stays the night.  Why is she willing to accept this turtle as part of the normal back yard?


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