Marking my yard

I have not been able to go on many walks with the heat, humidity, and lots of rain (thanks Tropical Storm Bonnie) lately so I have taken this time to marking my yard.  In the breaks between the rain and in the middle of the day I go outside in the yard, instead of my usually mile walk.

At first the yard smelled like other animals around the ends, and Blank in the middle (or like mint that Auntie planted in the raised bed).  I started marking the yard from the middle outward, and now I am making sure other animals know this is my yard.  I have started patrolling the fence, as you can see here.  I have made sure that the yard smells like me, go out after each rain and am starting to enjoy my time in the yard as much as walking around the neighborhood.

In the last few days Tropical Storm Bonnie has really kept me inside and so I have been running around the yard every chance I get.  I have been marking the yard and running up and down the fence line.  Auntie laughs, because I was scared of the turtle last week, but she doesn’t understand I mark the yard so that animals will stop coming in and scaring me.  The Big Guy tell me good girl and gives me a goodie when I do my business in the backyard, so that is even better than going on a walk.

Sorry posts have been short lately, but there really hasn’t bee much going on.


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