Solar Charging

My family jokes that my puppy energy comes from solar panels in my fur that I recharge by laying in the sun.  I can’t say I disagree with them, I do enjoy napping in the sun.

The summer here in North Carolina is HOT, I mean super duper double dipper hot.  Auntie is talking about triple digit heat, I don’t know what the means but apparently it gets hotter over the next few weeks.

We are missing our second walk of the day, because it is too hot 😦

Now I just get a morning walk and one at night.  During the day I get to lay in the sun.  It is so hot I don’t do it for more than a few minutes before it is too hot.  Auntie and the Big Guy are constantly letting me in and out during the afternoon.  Auntie was sweet and put ice in my water today to help me cool off.  I really liked that, I kissed her, but don’t think she understood why, because I kiss her all the time.

As your dog enjoys the summer heat, please remember to help them cool off, with a cool towel or ice in their water bowl when they come inside.

Do not leave your pet outside for too long, watch for signs of heat stroke, and DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG ALONE IN A CAR.

Here are some tips from reputable websites

American Veterinary Medical Association – general tips

Association of Professional Dog Trainers – heat stroke warning signs

American Kennel Club – Beach Tips





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