Seating order, not pecking order

Where we sit in the house does not represent a pecking order.  In the picture above Little man is in front of me, the reason so that we both get fed at the same time.  The Big Guy, Auntie, and MomMom will sneak us food and we will both fed at the same time if we are in this order.  The reason is because Little Man is smaller than I am so they can easily reach us both.  This is key, because neither of us is preferred over the other when we sit like this.  Sometimes we sit on both sides of Auntie or MomMom and get the same results.


It took us some time, but we also finally figured out how to share our humans when we snuggle on the couch.  At first we didn’t like to share our humans, but over time Little Man and I have realized that if we push our humans to the middle of the couch we can each get to snuggle with them.  Now I am a light sleeper so I have a few inches between my human and I this way when he moves he doesn’t wake me, but he is close enough for me to know he is near.  Plus, the armrest is the perfect pillow.



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