Morning in the Backyard

Little Man writing this post.

Yesterday, Auntie and I were on the outs.  I woke up late and she picked me up and rushed me outside and told me to pee and poop.  I took a few steps and peed, then I tried to go back up the stairs to get back inside.  She blocked me, picked up all 8 pounds of me, and told me to do my second pee and that I had poopie butt and I had to poop before she would let me back inside.  I barked back and her and walked Aimless in the back yard, trying to prove to her that I did not have to do a second pee and that I did not have to poop.  Auntie told me it was 9:30 and I always do 2 pees and a poop at 9:30 in the morning.  She is right but I was not going to tell her that so I barked back and wobbled over to the edge of the yard hoping she would not see me poop and do a second pee.  She did and said I was a good boy and let me inside.  I was mad at her so I did not cuddle with her.

THEN, she took me for a walk in the afternoon.  I did not want to go, I barked at her again, but after I peed and pooped she picked me up and carried me.  She told MomMom that I was wobbling when walking – I am 16 and I will not lie yes I wobble sometimes.  I liked her carrying me, I put my head on her neck and started falling asleep.  After a short time she put me down in the shade and asked me to walk again.  That was mean – but we did this three more times so that she could walk one loop.

This morning, Auntie moved a snuggle ball to the sunny spot on the floor for me to nap and put a blanket on the floor of her room for me to nap and be near someone while she worked.  We have made up and are on good terms now.


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