Admiring my Auntie

Little Man is taking over the blog today.  He wanted to take a moment and talk about that look he gives his Auntie when she wraps him in a hand towel to warm him up.

I Admire my auntie.  Today it took me a bit of time to do my morning business.  In this heat, triple digits here in the south, that extra time resulted in me starting to overheat.  Mom gave me a bath in cool water, which really helped.  Auntie came home after my bath and found me slightly wet and shaking.  Apparently, the air conditioning in the house made me really cold, because I was shaking and my teeth started to chatter (and I don’t have that many teeth to begin with).  So Auntie wrapped me in the first towel should could find and cuddled with me to help me warm up.


As I was warming up I looked at her with such admiration that I think she started to think of me as her favorite.  At that moment in time she was my favorite human in the house.  I also fell asleep on her as I was warming up and she just let me stay snuggled with her.  when The Big Guy came in I moved off her lap, and she recovered me with the towel so I had a blanket and would stay warm.  I love her.


4 thoughts on “Admiring my Auntie

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    He lived until the age of 15.


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