Nap Time

Little Man loves his naps, he sometimes doesn’t even wake up when we come in.  Usually Little Man like to sleep touching one of his humans, but today he got mad because we were not sitting down so he went to one of the snuggle beds for his nap.

Here is he yawning as he gets ready for his morning nap.  After his morning nap time, Little Man goes outside for a potty break, has some water and tries to look all sad and pathetic to get food from whatever human is in the kitchen, and then has his dog food.  Little Man will walk around the house again and find a human to snuggle with.  Once he is snuggled in he takes his first afternoon nap.  He wakes up when it is time for a mid-afternoon walk and then has his second afternoon nap.

Little Man is 16 years old and this little senior dog has earned all the naps and snuggles he wants.


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