The cat invaded our territory

The cat has invaded our territory, and we have defended it (with limited success).

Auntie is allergic to cats, so the two cats in our family stay downstairs.  Recently, the white one has started to escape and roam the upstairs.  Auntie usually stays in her room when this happens.  In an effort to defend our territory and keep the cat downstairs we have fought back.

Little Man, in his senior state, pounced and barked chased the cat downstairs after the cat sat on The Big Guys lap.  Auntie laughed and praised Little Man, he got a soft milk bone.  This prompted me to try and defend her door, plus when her door is closed I can’t sleep on her Red Sox Pillow Pet (her deal is I can sleep on it, but it stays on her bed since it is hers).

Last night, the picture above was taken.  I was guarding Auntie’s bedroom, but the cat slipped past me.  Auntie heard my collar moving and opened the door, took this picture, and quickly closed the door.  The cat did not stay near the room much longer, and I was able to lay my body across Auntie’s door.

Today, was the battle that may have won Little Man and I the war.  The cat escaped and started eating our food. THAT IS A MAJOR NO-NO!!!!!!!  Little Man and I may have our differences, but this is when we teamed up and started growling and snapping at her, then we gave chase.  The cat is now staying downstairs and we have reclaimed the upstairs, as ours!!!!!!!!



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