Love/Hate with Auntie

Little Man here, I want to explain my love vs. hate relationship with Auntie.

I HATE that she tells me I have stinky poots.  I LOVE snuggling with The Big Guy best, then MomMom (see picture above), and will settle for her if those two are not available.

I HATE that she gives me baths.  I LOVE that she cuddles me in a towel afterwards to warm me up.


I HATE that she makes me walk multiple times a day.  I LOVE that she carries me after I have peed and pooped if I start panting too much.  Today I just had to stand still and she scooped me up and kept going with putting me down at my favorite stop signs and mailboxes.

I HATE that she doesn’t give me a plate of treats before Puppy Niece gets hers.  I LOVE that she keeps Puppy Niece away from me as I eat my treats.

I HATE that she stops me when I enter the house to put my diaper on.  I LOVE that she watches me to make sure I don’t overheat when I go lay down on the deck.


I HATE that I am not her favorite (Puppy Niece is).  I LOVE that she still loves me anyway.  But, that is why I don’t snuggle with her if I have the choice.


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