New Beds

There have been some issues with the dog beds lately and Little Man and I have decided not to share them any more.  This lead Auntie to run out and buy new doggie beds for us.

We now have individual beds that are made for our size, instead of beds either of us can use.  Little Man has one that he fits in and has enjoyed snuggling in the last few days.


I have a bed that I fit in and Little Man has not been in, because he is too busy snuggling in his bed.  It is a win-win for everyone, including our humans who are surprised at how well getting a new bed for each of us created instant and lasting peace in the living room.  We have individual beds in the bedroom and downstairs, but for some reason there was only one bed in the family room – which hadn’t been a problem for the two of us until about two days ago when we decided that we needed space from each other.

We are happy dogs now and getting along when we need our space from each other.


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