Sweet Sixteen

Little Man celebrated a milestone today, he turned 16 years old.

Little Man celebrated by eating some of the cake you see in the picture and then snuggling with everyone in the house, walking a mile, and then barking and growling at the sewing machine.

Basically the only thing that made his day different from his usual routing of being spoiled is the cake.  He is loved by everyone in the house, even if at times we don’t like him because he barks and growls at inanimate objects and every dog and person he sees.

He snuggles with whoever is on the couch or if we working on the computer he likes to snuggle in his snuggle ball near our feet.  Little Man has his own bowl of food, but knows he can usually get a goodie from whoever is in the kitchen, his favorite is cheese, and he gets a happy hip treat after walking a full loop (approximately one mile).

He has a pretty good life, and we are happy he made it to a sweet sixteen.


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