Introducing Little Man

This post is written from the view of Little Man a Toy Rat Terrier who is in the “senior” phase of his life.  He finished his drive back to the East Coast and started finding his snuggle spots.


I like to snuggle, if you could wrap me in a warm blanket or towel and hold me all day that would be my dream of a perfect day.  I like being pet, snuggled, cuddled, and around my humans all day everyday 🙂  When I am snuggling with people I tend to not pee or poop – I am just saying holding me makes me less likely to pee, I wish my humans would realize this.  I have lucked out and had great snuggle time in the last 24 hours and wanted to brag about snuggle time with my humans,

Last night Auntie wrapped me in a pink towel, because it is her favorite color and she did not listen when I protested about being a man and pink not being my color.  Really look at my blue harness, I am more of a blue kind of guy.  After she wrapped me in a towel she held me close so I could listen to her heart beat but still see everything around, and just swayed with me, like you would to put a baby to sleep.  This was perfect, it was such a good snuggle, that despite my best effort to stay awake my eye lids started getting heavy and I felt myself falling asleep.

Then Auntie took me outside to pee, which was cruel because it was freezing outside.  Then Mom wrapped me back in the towel and we went for a car ride, I like car rides in part because I get snuggle time.

Today I got to snuggle with the Big Guy as he did his crossword puzzles, normally it is where my sister snuggles, but she was laying on her bench by the window so I took that seat today.  He is nice and occasionally pet my head while he did his crossword puzzle.  When Mom came into the family room I switched couches to snuggle with her while she read.  And the ultimate snuggle time happened when Dad came home and he and Mom both sat on the same couch and I was able to sneak in the middle and get snuggle time with both of them.

Snuggles are important is all I am saying and the more snuggles I get the happier I am.


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