Well Trained

Auntie wanted to take a minute and explain that I’m not spoiled.

Recently my Dad and Mom were saying that they don’t think I am the smartest dog, but I am theirs and they love me.  Auntie whispered to me that she thinks I am smarter than my parents give me credit for.  I don’t want her to blow my cover, but she is correct.

Auntie understands this concept of letting people think think you are not as smart as you really are.  Auntie is blonde, has a fun personality, but is a smart and dedicated woman (not to brag, but she went to law school while working full-time as a teacher).  So let me explain to you why Auntie think I am smarter than my parents give me credit for and why playing dumb can be an advantage.

  1. Yesterday, Dad was giving us treats – Little Man is smaller and so he breaks Soft Milk Bone treats into pieces for him and I get whole treats.  I take my treat and bring it to the side of the couch and go back, Dad gives me another one and it stops when Little Man has had his two treats.  Dad didn’t realize it but I ended up with about 4 treats because I would go put it down and go back for another, when it was all said and done I then sit down and eat my treats.  Auntie said her brother might call me dumb, but I trained him well enough to give me four treats without realizing it.
  2. While Little Man and I do not beg at meal time, there was a blog post about it. I have realized it is better to sit on MomMom’s right side if I want a treat sneaked to me during the meal, and sit on Auntie’s left side if I want my head pet during the entire meal (because sometimes I just want my ears scratched).
  3. I have trained the Big Guy to give us a goodie after we get back from a walk.  No one else in the house does it, and people wonder why I like walking with him the best.
  4. When MomMom cooks it is best to just go sit down near the stove, and give a sad puppy face.  When she samples food I get to sample too.
  5. Mom loves cheese and when she has Cheese Sticks if I go and pretend to drink water I’ll get a part of her cheese stick.
  6. Auntie is in charge of brushing my teeth each day.  She uses the toothpaste flavor I like, but by putting my head down and doing a whimper I get a Dentastix treat at the end of it.  If I kiss her afterwards sometimes I get two goodies, it depends on if she thinks my breath smells fresh enough.  I have tried licking my tail to make my breath smell worse sometimes, and have seen some benefit.

All of these, plus more, are why my Auntie made a t-shirt for me.  “I’m NOT spoiled.  My humans are well trained.



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