Product Rave

It has been about a month since Little Man has started wearing Belly Bands, and it is time to brag about how great they are.

Little Man is what is considered a “Senior Dog” he is going to be 16 years old.  Sadly, as he has gotten older he started not being able to control his bladder.  He has gone when he is sleeping, when he is licking his paws, when eating, and probably more we just haven’t realized it because of the belly band.

The one above is one the many we have gotten him.  He has several with designs and a nice blue one as well.  We have several, because we clean them and so that he has something different to wear each day (that is probably more for us than him).  All you have to do is add a maxi pad, if you have a bigger dog you might want to consider an overnight pad.


See how he can snuggle in his bed and the band doesn’t bother him?

We really recommend this to anyone with a senior dog, or if your dog spite pees and you are tired of cleaning it up.

If you are looking for ones that do not require a pad there are reusable washable options.

Other designs we have include the cartoon belly bands and Batman Belly Band.

Links take you to the Amazon page with them so you do not have to search.  We really are happy with them and highly recommend anyone with a senior dog (or dog who spite pees) to consider this so you don’t have to keep cleaning up accidents.


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