Football Night 1/24/16

I have been dressed in Carolina Panthers gear and have been told since we are now living in Carolina we are Panthers fans.  All I know is that I was put in clothes, and I am not overly enjoying this.  However, I am enjoying that my entire family (Mom, Dad, Auntie, MomMom, and the Big Guy) are all sitting on the couches in the family room and I get to snuggle with whoever I want.  Wait, moving to the kitchen because MomMom is cooking – I will stay here with her she sneaks me food.

I had a very exhausting day, you wouldn’t know it because I mostly sat on my window bench, but when I left I was out chasing squirrels and running around the back yard.

I saw a squirrel from inside the house and ran to the back door, Auntie was not fast enough to get there when I did and the squirrel almost got away, but I ran down the deck stairs and chased it to the fence.  Then I patrolled the fence line so if it made an attempt to come back in the yard I could chase it again.


I was really lucky and got to chase three squirrels today.  It was exhausting work, but today was like a dream day for me.  Chasing squirrels, getting kisses for doing it, and relaxing on my window bench.  LIFE IS GOOD!  Auntie and the Big Guy are really proud of me. I got my “good girl goodies” that I usually only get when Auntie brushes my teeth for chasing the squirrels.  After all of that I decided it was best to just curl up and fall asleep with Little Man, but my family said I had to get dressed for the game first.  I finally got to snuggle with Little Man but Auntie and Mom went nuts taking pictures.


I looked to Dad to save me and let me sleep, he is awesome and helped, but then got too into the football game and I moved so I could sleep.  Football night seems fun, maybe next time I’ll enjoy it more if I didn’t spend the day chasing squirrels.


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