I think I need a Fitbit

I am not sure what a Fitbit is, but I think I should have one.

Auntie and MomMom each have one and they do these Challenges.  I love it when this happens, because then I get more walks.  However, today it was too much, Auntie wore my butt off.  I was so exhausted at dinner I could barely keep my head up.


Auntie had me walk not only in our neighborhood, but she walked me to the pharmacy to get her allergy medicine.  I wish I had know we would be leaving the development, because then I would have saved some of my pee.  This neighborhood has tons of dogs and I had to mark trees, sign posts, mailboxes, and random locations those dog use so they would know I visited.  It was hard work, I ended up having to do a BoomBoom to help me mark.  All of this in the snow and ice, my feet were very cold, but smelling this new area was totally worth cold feet.  When we got home Auntie let me take a nap, but apparently she needed more steps so she made me go out for another long walk, OK she asked if I wanted to go and I jumped with excitement.  But let’s be honest, asking me if I want to go on a walk is like asking the Pope if he is Catholic, the answer is always yes.  I thought we would be going back to the pharmacy, but Auntie just did a loop around the neighborhood, thankfully 🙂


When MomMom got home claimed she needed steps, I thought I was going to have to outside in the cold, so I tried to hide in my snuggle bed.

Then MomMom and Auntie started pacing all around the kitchen and the family room.  I don’t understand my humans.  Auntie said she would not fall behind MomMom which is why she joined in.  I really don’t get my humans, but they are my family and they love me very much.  I don’t know what a Fitbit Challenge are, but I think if I got a fitbit I could totally blow MomMom and Auntie out of the water with how many steps I take.  But, then I might now get as many walks, so I’ll just stick with getting extra walks and napping in my snuggle bed when my humans pace around the house to get extra steps in.

MomMom has a Fitbit One, Auntie has a Fitbit Flex, and I want a Fitbit Charge (because I know Charge means walk when get off the porch).


Originally posted on Auntie’s Blogger site – she is working on migrating the posts over to this blog.


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