Our Cover Has Been Blown

Yesterday, our routine was disrupted.

Auntie stayed home from work to go to the dentist.  I don’t know what the dentist is, but she told me it was like when I let her brush my teeth only worse.  Auntie staying home meant that what Little Man and I do all day was discovered.  The Big Guy stays home with us everyday, but he tells the rest of the family about the walks and how active we are, which we are, really I swear.  But, we also get lots of cuddles, especially after the last person leaves for work.  We jump on the couch and the Big Guy rubs our necks.  And when everyone leaves the house and we really are alone…


…and  Little Man sleeps in the snuggle bed upstairs…


…while I sleep on the bed.


Auntie caught us and took pictures of us sleeping, I woke up and was not happy.  But, Auntie made it up to me by taking me for a full one mile walk.  The Big Guy has hurt his knee and until he has surgery it is hard for him to walk Little Man and I a full loop twice a day (once in the morning when we do our business and a second in the afternoon, unless it is raining).

Auntie also discovered that we also snuggle near each other at the top of the stairs, but she wasn’t fast enough to take a picture 🙂

Our cover may have been blown, but getting extra time with Auntie was worth it.



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