I am so exhausted…

Mom and Dad went away this weekend and they took Little Man with them.  I don’t know where they went, but they left me alone with Auntie, MomMom, and The Big Guy.  I forgot how exhausting it can be when I am alone with them.  But, secretly I LOVE IT!

On Friday, Auntie came home when I am used to going to bed, but upon hearing that I still had not pooped, she went to the door grabbed my leash and in heels walked me up and down the street to try and get me to poop.  I didn’t!

On Saturday, MomMom walked me in the morning, the Big Guy chased me around the yard, and then Auntie and MomMom went on a long walk with me.  However, I got to play with my friend, a Toy Poodle.

When we got back home, I was exhausted and fell asleep.  I slept so long that when my family got home it was time to go to bed.  Auntie took me out and walked me up and down the property line, I peed for her but no poop.  When we got back in she told the Big Guy and he took me back outside and walked me around the property line.  Still didn’t poop I was too exhausted.  After coming back inside I managed to get up the stairs and jump on the bed to curl up with MomMom and The Big Guy to fall asleep.

Today, Auntie and I were left alone.  I freaked out when she got in the shower, she promises me the shower is not trying to killer her, but I don’t know she always smells like a coconut when she gets out.  After she calmed me down I went downstairs and fell asleep in a sunny spot on the couch.  When MomMom and the Big Guy got back from church the three of them took me out for a long walk.  My family loves walks, I think it is because MomMom and Auntie do those Fitbit Challenges almost every weekend. I have even written about it in one of my other posts.  After not pooping, they let me run around in the back yard, until I was so tired I couldn’t even take time to get into my dog bed before falling asleep.


Auntie tried to talk me for another walk this evening.  I went upstairs and fell asleep on MomMom’s bed.  She is getting no cuddles for me tonight, I am too exhausted and I am going straight to bed.


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