The Warm Weather is Here

The warm weather is here, and it is making walking hard to do during the day.  Auntie and MomMom have been really nice and taking us out in the evening after dinner.  It makes it hard for them to get a picture of us walking, but Little Man and I are enjoying it so much better.

The weather has gotten as high as 80 at the middle of the day, and my think fur coat makes that a little to warm, but it does make it perfect to sleep in the sun.


Poor Auntie can’t get that picture, because I keep waking up when she opens the door to get a picture of me sleeping in the sun.

The Big Guy has told me that it will get even warmer during the Spring and Summer, I don’t believe it.  How hot can it get here?  How hot is 100?  The Big Guy said walks may have to happen only in the morning and evening and just outside trips to go to the bathroom during the day.

Even if I can’t get my full mid-day walks I love the warm weather.


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