I watch you pee

Auntie and The Big Guy have gotten a taste of what we have done to Mom for the past three years.  Little Man and I follow the only human in the house to the bathroom and watch them pee.

Why?  It is simple, they watch us pee when we go outside.  Isn’t that what we are supposed to do? Watch each other pee…At least we don’t pick up their poop and put it in a bag that they complain smells and have to bring back to the house.  Can someone tell me why Dad, Mom, Auntie, MomMom, and The Big Guy pick up my poop?  They do it to Little Man too, they complain it smells, so why do they put it in a bag and carry it back home?

Auntie has assured me that she can go to the bathroom without Little Man and I running to the bathroom door and watching her (if I can manage to open the door) or crying on the other side of the door.  The Big Guy said he doesn’t need a body guard to go to the bathroom.  Mom just realizes it is normal, and claims it is preparing her for kids.

Doesn’t your doggie watch you go to the bathroom?


Really, I would much rather stay in my nice snuggled in spot on the couch, but I follow this odd rule that we watch each other pee.  Or at least I try, because they keep closing the door.  Really if you watch me pee I can return the favor, as odd as I think it may be.


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