I met a new friend

On our walk today I was busy sniffing the shrubs when Little Man tipped over a corn snake sunning itself in the middle of the road.  We live in a nice development and there is not a ton of traffic so The Big Guy is willing to walk in the road so that we can sniff both sides of the street.

Little Man being 16+ years old, is pretty much blind, and the Big Guy was watching me to make sure I didn’t try and chase the squirrel and pull him.  After Little Man tripped over the corn snake sunning himself, the snake coiled up, and I got to sniff him.  The Big Guy wouldn’t let me get too close in case I tried to bite him or scratch him with my paw.  The Big Guy liked the snake and took a picture while holding Little Man and myself back.  The picture above is his handy work.

Auntie was afraid of it, and she wasn’t even there.  When she came home early I tried to tell her about it, but I saw a suitcase and she said she was going on a trip and would be gone for a few night time sleeps.  I am mad at her and did not tell her about the corn snake.  The Big Guy told her about the corn snake.  Auntie is worried about if it had fangs, and that I might get to close to the wrong type of snake.  Apparently, North Carolina has some snakes that are bad and if they bite you it could mean you die or get really, really, sick.  I don’t think that is nice, and why would they bite?  I just want to sniff them to learn about them, and my entire family is nice.  It wasn’t Little Man’s fault he couldn’t see the snake and ripped over him.

The Big Guy assured Auntie this was a corn snake, and she came over and gave me lots of hugs and kisses while telling me to stay away from snakes.  Does she know we have several in the back yard?  Really, I have been trying to sniff them, but they will not stay still and keep sliding off somewhere I can’t get to.  The Big Guy, Dad, and I are hoping that we see some more snakes on our walks, maybe I can get closer next time.


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