Keep Your Hoe in Check

Mom has been stressing out all week, I have been snuggled and cuddled a bunch.  Apparently. Mom and Dad are buying a house, my only must have is a fenced in yard with squirrels for me to chase, and a big window that let’s the sunlight in for me to sleep in all day.  I have that now with MomMom and the Big Guy so my life is grand.  Auntie explained that when Mom and Dad get the new house I will not be living with her any more, that makes me sad (and Auntie sad ).
Anyhow, with buying their first house Mom is having a ton of anxiety and stress about the process.  Dad told me they are going to buy a new house, Auntie explained that means the house has to be built so I stay with her for about 6 more months.  Mom and Dad have different checklist items that they want in the house.  Listening to them made Little Man and I sleepy.

Finally, I looked at Mom and gave her this advice, “Keep your hoe in check!”  I don’t know what it means but I heard it before as advice and that with a kiss on the nose made her smile.  My job was done so I went back to sleep.



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