My Morning Routine Was Altered

There was a Shakespearean Tragedy Friday Morning!!!!!!

So I don’t really know what that means, but Dad says it when things go wrong.  The Big Guy was not here this morning.  Mom left super early for work, Dad was nervous about a meeting and MomMom wasn’t there to sneak me breakfast.  I heard the shower attacking Auntie and started crying outside her door.  She let me be upset and lay on her bed while she got ready for work.

Where is the Big Guy?  Where is MomMom?  They didn’t come home last night before I went to bed, and this morning they aren’t here.  THIS IS A SHAKESPEAREAN TRAGEDY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does my family not understand I worry about them leaving and never coming back all the time, and now two of them are missing.

My morning routine of sneaking breakfast from MomMom and snuggling with the Big Guy on the couch while he watches the news and does a crossword puzzle is all messed up.  I and upset.

PS – Auntie says I need to add this:

The Big Guy and MomMom came home late Friday afternoon and I forgave them for leaving me, because they gave me pizza crust and walked me.


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