Scars from Doggy Jail

Little Man has scars from doggy jail – aka the crate.  Little Man is 16+ years old and has lost control of his bladder (and occasionally holding his poop in).  When left in the house without a human all day (meaning work hours) he has to be put in the crate so that there isn’t a mess when we get home.

Little Man was put in the crate on Friday and when he came out he had a nice scar on his nose.  We are trying to figure out how it happened, but we think it was from him sticking his nose out of the holes in the plastic crate and barking.

Little Man quickly forgives you for putting him in the crate once he is out and you give him a goodie, but for now he has a scar from his time in doggy jail.


Scars – the Daily Post one word prompt inspired this post.



3 thoughts on “Scars from Doggy Jail

  1. My sons pup did the same thing. We share her so she’s not left to her crate often. What a loved pooch at her age! 🙂


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