Turtle Stare-down

I had a stare-down contest today.  These little scary creatures have been in my yard and on the road when we walk around the neighborhood.  A few weeks ago I met a snapping turtle, it was HUGE.    So, when I met a box turtle on our walk today I felt a little more confident having a staring contest with it.  I sniffed it from a safe distance, Auntie claimed it was 2 feet, but I think I was very close.

Then the turtle moved his head, or maybe a her I didn’t get close enough to find out, I let out a few barks and ran behind Auntie.


This made Auntie laugh, I didn’t care I stayed very close to her leg the rest of the walk home.  I claim the stare-down was a tie, the turtle moved and I moved after that – well maybe I won.  Auntie told The Big Guy that I got scared and she thinks the turtle won.  Do you see that little thing moving?  Turtle can be ninjas according to dad, he also claims that they are also mutant turtles, I think that little turtle was a mutant.

Turtle are new to me and so far I don’t like them, but I consider this staring contest a win for me.



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