Last Walk

The Big Guy has had knee surgery, while I am not sure what that is, I do know it means Little Man and I have not been walked Together all week.  Normally, I am not 100% sure I like Little Man, but I do love him because he is family.

Auntie took the picture of MomMom and The Big Guy walking us together last week, and I miss doing this.  When Little Man comes I get to spend extra time sniffing stuff, because he is a slow walker.  Auntie says it is because he has tiny legs, but I see those legs move he can reach warp speed with them.

The Big Guy left us for a few days, they said he was in a hospital, and when he cam back he is really struggling to walk.  It sounds like it will be a long time before Little Man and I are walked together again.  One person stays home with him and the other takes us each out one at a time.  While the Big Guy manages to have us both out, the girls find it a big harder to do.

I ma hoping for a speedy recovery so we can get back to our normal routine.


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